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The arrogance is that a man as ulifanquied and out of his depth as Obama could consider himself worthy and ready of the most important job in the world, the job on which the lives of every human being in the world depend, quite literally and without exaggeration, is what is presumptuous and offensive about Obama's hubris. Every major Republican running had more practical or political experience than Obama and Edwards put together. Where the hell do the Dems get the balls to put up people like this as potential CIC of the US Armed Forces and the man who would hold our collective destiny at the tip of his fingers?It's insulting. And what is more insulting is the trope that the only reason anyone _wouldn't_ vote for Obama is that he is black, and you are therefore a racist. Even after his exposure as a long-time adherent to a disgusting, racist demagogue who detests white people, ALL white people, and considers them racially predisposed towards greed, genocide, larceny, bigotry and almost any evil in the catalog of great evils of humanity. Then he has the gall to lecture US on getting over our racism.This a trend with Obama, it's always our fault. We don't have enough oil, it's because you ignorant auto-owners don't keep them tuned up and properly maintained, we'd have enough oil if you weren't so goddammed stupid and negligent. You wouldn't find his preacher offensive if you weren't so goddammed racist yourself. You'd vote democrat if you weren't so obsessed with guns, opiated with religion, and vote for him if you weren't so bigoted you hated people who "don't look like you do". Not to mention his ultra-left voting record. America has _never_ elected a man this flawed, this inexperienced, this leftist, this anti-American. Any other politician 's career would rightfully have been finished if it had been revealed he'd been a member, and had exposed his infant to toddler to grade-school children to the kind of odious and despicable hatred, week after week, to which Obama exposed his kids.Yes, arrogance will be the thing that brings him down, but it's also the thing that makes him run: the arrogance that he thinks he can bluff his way past all these egregious faults solely because of the _possibility_, so far unproven by any measurable facts, that he will be bi-partisan and heal factional rifts; that he will be post-racial and heal racial wounds; that he represents "hope" and that he will bring about a new form and style of government 'for which we've been waiting'. Never before have so many trusted so much based on so little.No way this man is elected president. The American people have never let me down: they have always chosen, at MINIMUM, the man who could functionally perform the office. They've never elected the stiff, the pompous pedagogue, the elitist snob, the far-left socialist nor a man who manifestly detested 70% of the electorate.My gut feeling has never been wrong either. I've called every election since the Reagan years. McCain, and by more than people are currently betting _anyone_ can win this year. McCain by more than GWB beat Kerry. I certainly don't see how McCain loses any Bush states, and I can certainly see him picking up Penn, Mich, the mid-west, MN, WI, all the SW and CO, with no problem at all. Oregon? CALIFORNIA? Could happen amd wouldn't be shocked. Obama is due for the bottom falling out, even the press is beginning to fall out of line.