I tend to agree with DOF, if there’s one thin...
I tend to agree with DOF, if there’s one thing that will make the US pull up the drawbridge it’s a continuous barrage of ‘America the Depraved’. Sure the general population might be somewhat insular in their understanding of the world, but then maybe they have every right to be; with sharp tongued critics like Matt sniping at me from afar I don’t think I’d want to ‘engage’ either. Remember that it is the US – under the Bush adnmaistrition – that is carrying out the vast majority of the ‘good’ science into climate change:)
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Está más que demostrado que quien habla mucho se equivoca mucho. Así que, que hablen, que contesten, que entren al trapo... cuanto más lo hagan más pondrán de manifiesto su verdadero rostro, sus contradicciones. Ladran, luego exliao...Stsudos, Rafa.